Listen To A Toddler Serenade Herself With The ‘Star Wars’ Imperial March

One doesn’t generally associate Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith, the most dreaded of all the Empire, with adorable children. But nerds are capable of reproducing, and they tend to create more nerds, as the video clip above proves.

Jonathan Liu, the proud dad who posted the clip, offers up a little backstory. He’s been showing the original trilogy to his older daughters and his youngest has been watching along with them. While she didn’t quite realize what was going on, it turns out she’s a big fan of Darth Vader, imitating his breathing, dancing to his theme, reading all of Liu’s Star Wars books with Vader on the cover, and building a hooptysaber with a crossguard to try to impress him.

Okay, maybe not that last one, but Liu had better look out. Vader isn’t known for being a positive influence on people, and the last school visit he did… well, it didn’t end well. That said, of all the Star Wars characters to latch onto, this is probably one of the least embarrassing. Every nerd parent has that nightmare, where their child discovers Star Wars and is really into the antics of that delightful Jar Jar Binks. Most parents would rather have a kid be into Barney than put up with that.

(Via The Mary Sue)