Forget The Delays, It Looks Like Tom Cruise Is A Go For ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

Tom Cruise (our last line of defense against mummies) has managed another feat of daring in the Mission: Impossible universe. He’s scaled the mighty skyscraper of contract negotiations to close in on a deal to appear in the latest motion picture of the franchise that bubbles up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise is “on the verge” of locking down his deal for Mission: Impossible 6 – The Legend Of Ving Rhames’ Gold. Considering that Cruise has been a staple of the franchise as its megastar lead and as a producer, it shouldn’t be all that much of a shock, but recently pre-production was brought to a halt when Paramount and Cruise couldn’t sort out a deal. THR had previously reported that they spoke with a source who claimed “one of the contentious points is Cruise’s backend profit participation, with the actor looking to match or exceed what he is getting paid by Universal for starring in The Mummy.” When you factor in the massive box office haul the Mission: Impossible films tend to generate (even without the help of Limp Bizkit on the soundtrack), that’s a big chunk of dough being negotiated over.

With Cruise (seemingly) a go for Mission: Impossible 6, there are more pieces that will need to come together for when production starts in spring 2017. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation writer/director Christopher McQuarrie has penned the script for the next installment in the franchise and will also direct.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)