Tom Hanks Helped A Group Of Girl Scouts Sell Cookies

Tom Hanks has been TOM HANKS for 35 years now, ever since Bosom Buddies briefly convinced the nation that what television needed the most was Peter Scolari in a dress. He — Hanks, not Scolari — has remained relevant ever since, in his own unique, likable, goofy Hanks-y way. He’s now a tween icon, thanks to his participation in Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” music video, and Hanks also recently helped a pack of Girl Scouts sell cookies.

Girl Scouts selling cookies on State Street in downtown Los Altos received an unexpected surprise Feb. 28 when a bona fide movie star not only bought cookies, but also tried to help the girls sell more boxes to other passersby.

Tom Hanks…purchased four boxes, donated an additional $20, and offered to have his photo taken with people who recognized him – as long as they bought cookies, too. (Via)

Hanks was in town to visit a typewriter shop with his son, Truman, a freshman at Stanford University, who is not Chet Haze, a graduate of the School of Hard Knockers.

Via Los Altos Town Crier