Tom Hanks Weighs In On The Presidential Election, Which He Terms ‘Crapfest 2016’

Getty Image / Lionsgate

Presidential hopeful and “locker room banter” advocate Donald Trump is currently facing intense scrutiny for his extremely controversial remarks and fairly cavalier attitude towards the allegations against him. Vocal detractors of the GOP’s Great Orange Hope continue to grow in number, although from the sounds of things, shining beacon of American goodwill Tom Hanks didn’t need leaked tapes to consider Trump unfit for office.

Hanks spoke out about Trump while in Italy to promote his new motion picture Inferno and receive a lifetime achievement award from the Rome Film Festival. The Oscar winner has previously slammed Trump over his unearthed lewd comments and speaking with the press he continued to express his distaste for the candidate. As The Hollywood Reporter details, punches were not pulled.

Imitating an Italian journalist at a junket, he said he frequently gets the question “Why the Trump?” His response: “You’re Italian. Why the Berlusconi?”

Chatting with the press, Hanks helpfully provided the current election with a new moniker: “Crapfest 2016.” Catchy!

“It strikes me as ‘Crapfest 2016,'” Hanks told reporters. “Every four years, the circus comes to town in the United States. Every four years, we decide who’s going to be the leader. Sometimes we’re in an era when it seems that the country is at a crossroads — it’s always at some form of crossroads. Oftentimes there is a fever pitch of fear and anxiety. Sometimes it’s warranted, and other times it’s manufactured.”

The That Thing You Do! director does have an optimistic viewpoint on how America will respond to Trump come election day. Hint: Not a Trump landslide.

“I think without a doubt the world is going through something quite profound in which the future is shaky, in which the future is mysterious, in which great parts of the world are dealing with problems that seem as though they have no solution,”explained Hanks. “When America has faced those circumstances and times, we have never turned to a simplistic, self-involved gasbag of a candidate.”

So if you see Donald Trump tear into Tom Hanks’ performance in Sully on Twitter, don’t act too surprised. “I like the actors that play the pilots that don’t have airplane trouble, okay?” etc.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)