This Tom Hardy Supercut Will Validate Your Instinct To Not Mess With Him

Legend — the biopic where Tom Hardy plays a gangster and his psychotic, gay twin brother — is finally hitting theaters this week (Vince’s review here), so Digg celebrated by enlisting Max Salmeron to edit a supercut of Tom Hardy being “pants-sh*ttingly intense on screen.” It’s important to add “on screen” because he seems chill AF off screen, and we have the MySpace photos to prove it. Just don’t ask him any sexist questions or go off topic about his sexuality. You would not want to see him channel Bronson in real life.

It would be interesting to see an updated version of this after clips from Legend and The Revenant are widely available, although that supercut might be two hours long. Dude is intense on screen. Meanwhile, off screen, he’s bringing his dog to premieres and they do the same pose. You do you, Tom Hardy.

(Via The Awesomer)