Tom Hardy Supposedly Quit ‘Suicide Squad’ Over The Script

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There are a lot of talented actors in Suicide Squad, DC’s bid to get some supervillains up on the screen without those pesky heroes. But one cast member, Tom Hardy, has bailed, and supposedly, it’s because he didn’t like the script.

Coming from Latino Review, so get out those salt shakers, the claim is the script substantially rewrote Hardy’s character, and he didn’t like the results:

According to sources, He simply didn’t like the script he was finally given, he didn’t like the drastic change to the character. Like we figured, the scheduling conflict is a cover story, so he left the project under amicable terms.

The official line, just for contrast, is that the movie he’s currently working on, The Revenant, is going over schedule and Hardy won’t be able to make the April shoot. Also of note is the fact that he’s going to have to start plugging Mad Max: Fury Road right when the movie starts shooting.

Honestly, odds are pretty good all three reasons are accurate. Hardy presumably wants a day off between now and 2016, so this might be the only way to get it. Besides, we’re all going to see Margot Robbie anyway, and that’s really what’s important.