Tom Hiddleston Bears No Ill Will Towards Eddie Redmayne After An Embarrassing School Play

Graham Norton has a knack for eliciting hilarious and embarrassing stories from the guests who grace his red couch, and this week’s episode was no different. While interviewing Tom Hiddleston while on his Kong: Skull Island press tour, he got the actor to admit to a less than glamorous role from his past. While at school at Eton, he was contemporaries with Eddie Redmayne, the greatest whisper screamer of all time and Oscar winner. While they were both involved in their school’s drama program, Redmayne was already a star, while Hiddleston was relegated to playing an elephant’s leg in A Passage To India. Despite the residual embarrassment, Hiddleston bears Redmayne no ill-will, heaping nothing but praise onto the celebrated ginger.

Hiddleston also recounted the fright he felt while filming Kong: Skull Island, because director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wanted an authentic look for the film instead of just green screen, sending them into the wilds of Oahu and Queensland. While fellow guests Ricky Gervais, Tinie Tempah, and Ruth Wilson ribbed him over the “dangers” of Hawaii, the snakes and spiders in Australia were enough to strike fear into the hearts of everyone. Australians may brave the various deadly creatures with nothing but flip flops, but the average human knows to use that fear for survival. The next time Hiddleston heads down under, he may want to get a few tips from his Aussie/Asgardian co-star, Chris Hemsworth.