We Just Got A Glimpse Of Tom Holland On The Set Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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We all know that for the second time in barely five years, the Spider-Man franchise will be rebooted.

And we also heard that we’ll be getting our first look at Tom Holland, whose taken over the role from Andrew Garfield (who took it over from Tobey Maguire), in this spring’s next Marvel super-mega-extravaganza, Captain America: Civil War.

So now we can pretty much confirm that Holland indeed will taking part in the festivities thanks so Marvel’s co-president Louis D’Esposito’s Twitter account.

Looks like Tom and Louis are hanging out in the cockpit of some sort of flying contraption. Perhaps it’s an Avengers aircraft? Who knows? We’ll likely find out for sure come May 6, when Civil War hits theaters. No word yet on when we’ll see Holland in Spidey’s suit for the first time though. It’s just as possible his appearance will amount to little more than a cameo as that he’ll swoop in to help Iron-Man kick Captain America’s ass at some point.

How much of Holland we get to see with the rest of the Marvel comic universe this spring/summer is also unknown at this point. But Holland will get to make his toplining debut as a Marvel man on July 7, 2017, when the next  flick is scheduled to arrive at a theatre near you.

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