Watch Tom Holland Show Some ‘Spider-Man’ Moves In This Acrobatic Set Video

It’s no secret that stunt people make up a good portion of the really cool stuff that we see on the big screen, well, at least the stuff that isn’t entirely done via computers now. CGI save stunt men and women from breaking their bodies for movie magic, but can also look a bit cheesy at times. That being said, stunt people are still doing amazing things for our entertainment and sometimes the actors even learn to do some of their own stunts.

In the case of Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Tom Holland, he seems intent on learning to actually be Spider-Man as much as he can be without being bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining the ability to scale walls. He sure can do some trampoline-assisted flips, though. This video, posted on Instagram, shows Holland on set for Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton, with Hanton explaining a trick that he wants Holland to do, then goes ahead and demonstrates it himself.

Holland follows suit and if he just completely nails it.

He even adds a Spidey-esque flourish at the end for style points. Spider-Man in particular has been a character that truly needs an acrobatic actor inside of the suit, as any attempt to make a CGI Spidey has looked really strange in the past. It’s good to know that Holland is stepping up to try to bring Spidey to life and make the role his own.

(Via Mashable)