Tom Lenk Hilariously Mocks The ‘Suicide Squad’ Stars’ Fashion With Some Help From Felicia Day

The last time we checked in with Tom Lenk, a.k.a. Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was recreating fashion styles of the rich and famous using ordinary household items over on his amazing Instagram account, with the hashtag #LenkLewkForLess. Typically his inspirations come from red carpet styles, although Lenk will also often spoof paparazzi shots, promotional images, televised appearances, or even TV and film characters.

His Instagram account is worth revisiting, however, in the wake of last week’s Hollywood premiere of Suicide Squad, which featured water cooler fashion moments such as Margot Robbie’s bonkers “elegantly trashy” unicorn dress and Jared Leto’s jolly green coat, the latter of which launched a thousand internet memes. Of course, it’s not hard to see why Leto in particular would be a muse for Lenk. In addition to “the coat,” here he is recreating Leto’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon, wearing — as a grown ass man — a child-like sweater with a tiger sewn into it.

Lenk also recruited some help from his friend Felicia Day to copy Margot Robbie’s premiere look, as well as whatever the heck Leto is wearing this time. A pirate coat with flowers, coy fish, and Donald Duck on it? Okay!

Although it’s unrelated to Suicide Squad, I had to include this one with the royal toddler, because it is pretty great.