Tommy Wiseau Released A Teaser And A Poster For His Next Movie ‘Big Shark’ (Which He Hasn’t Filmed Yet)

How do you repeat perfection? Specifically, how do you make another film after you’ve made The Room, the Tommy Wiseau drama that achieved the Pyrrhic victory of becoming the semi-official worst movie ever made? Perhaps fearing the fabled sophomore slump, the actor/filmmaker/Joker portrayer/spoon picture enthusiast hasn’t helmed another motion picture since. He did make a TV show called Neighbors, but who’s actually watched it? But now, all of a sudden, there’s a teaser and a poster for Big Shark, Wiseau’s return to big screen filmmaking.

Both teaser and poster are fairly Wiseau-esque, which is to say they’re of questionable quality if not as obviously awful as, let’s say, The Room. The former begins with a boys’ night out, with Wiseau joined by Greg Sestero — his on-screen frenemy from The Room and his IRL exasperated, tell-all book-writing accomplice — and one Isaiah LaBorde boozing their way through New Orleans. Then the sea levels rise for some reason. Then a hungry CGI shark shows up.

How is the CGI shark? Not great, but not Birdemic-level either. And the poster? Not as awkward as the one for The Room — which Wiseau infamously kept up on Los Angeles billboards for years and years — but far from a design miracle. Meanwhile, perhaps the premise is a little too close to Mega Shark. Long as he slips in some sub-Brando wailing, maybe that’ll be fine.

But here’s the thing: The teaser footage is all Wiseau has shot so far. As per EW, he first mentioned Big Shark at a screening of The Room in Germany, but says he yet to film it. Perhaps this teaser is his way of blackmailing himself into finally making his second masterpiece. We won’t know until it’s playing midnight shows for a couple decades. It must be terrifying for Wiseau, wondering if he can capture lightning in a bottle twice. He’ll know if he failed if James Franco doesn’t direct and star in a movie about its gloriously chaotic making.

(Via EW)