James Franco Blocked Tommy Wiseau From Hijacking His Golden Globes Award Speech

James Franco’s Golden Globes win for Best Performance Of An Actor In A Motion Picture — Musical Or Comedy was because of Tommy Wiseau. Franco gets this. Without The Room, there is no The Disaster Artist, which he’s called the best movie he’s ever made. So, appropriately, he invited up Wiseau himself for his awards speech, but specifically to share the stage, unbeknownst to Wiseau.

Watch as Wiseau goes hard for the mic only to get shut down by Franco, who has a long list of people to thank. There’s a good chance Tommy just wanted to say to Franco: “I’m so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much,” but now we’ll never know. If anything, this just adds to the legend of Wiseau.

This is Franco’s first Golden Globes win and his first major award over his two-decade career. His transformative and heartfelt performance as the pan-European, ageless Wiseau earned rave reviews when the film first debuted, and has reignited the strange phenomenon of The Room, which is considered the worst movie ever made.

For the record, Franco’s performance was 99 percent approved by Wiseau, who had a brief cameo (featuring some solid acting) in The Disaster Artist.

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