Let’s Get Nitpicky With These Top 10 Blockbuster Movie Mistakes

While it is best to just live in the moment and focus on the story as you’re watching a film, it is easy to get distracted when mistakes are made. What starts out as an errant crew member accidentally being in-frame eventually escalates into the complete derailment of your movie-watching experience. Pretty soon, your favorite movie moments just become a puzzle for you to rip apart to find the secret flaw. I mean, why enjoy something when you can nitpick it instead?

That is precisely what the folks over at Screen Rant did with their latest video, which rounds up some huge mistakes that made it undetected into blockbuster films. Not only do they take on special effects giants like Avatar and Star Trek, but even classic films like Lord of The Rings: Two Towers, The Dark Knight, and Jurassic Park fail to escape their scrutiny.

Let’s be real, though: The biggest mistake in this video is the fact that Transformers: Age of Extinction happened at all.

(Via Screen Rant)

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