Tracy Morgan Channels Mr. T For The Sequel To ‘Creed’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his post-Oscars special by putting together a proper sequel to Creed which can’t get overlooked by Oscar. Not only does it have Tracy Morgan making a return after his tragic accident, it features the son of Rocky III big bad Clubber Lang — played by the mother-loving Mr. T.

J.K. Simmons makes a cameo as one of the early trainers that kicks Lang out of his before leading him into the restaurant owned by Rocky Balboa. Sugar Ray Leonard and Al Michaels make cameos as the ringside announce team and Mike Tyson shows up as the original Clubber Lang, knocking the block off Morgan and putting a cap on the trailer.

It’s worth it for Lang’s ridiculous wig and massive chains alone, but you gotta love a guy who also knows the difference between a hoagie and a hero sandwich. What’s missing is that classic Lang antagonism. He’s a bulldozer with a wrecking ball attached, he’s hungry and a real man. And don’t forget he was ranked number one, not some bum, and he’ll fight anywhere, anytime.

It clearly doesn’t run in the family.