‘Transformers 5’ Snags An Official Title Along With An Autobot Call To Action

If you thought you were free from new Transformers movies, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Age of Extinction made a billion dollars at the global box office, the franchise is expanding to be an annual event from 2017 forward, and Hasbro is working toward creating an entire universe around their properties. And Mark Wahlberg is returning too, hoping to add more of the human element that everybody loves in their giant robot-fighting movies.

The first film on the list, Transformers 5, now has an official title and an Instagram page:

That’s right, Transformers: The Last Knight will be our next release in 2017. Expect to find out what hidden Transformer shows back up this time around while also hoping the film decides to explain why the dinobots were just allowed to run off into the wild at the end of the previous, nearly three-hour film in the series.

Fans are surely excited to know they will be treated to a new film over the next few years, including that spinoff featuring Bumblebee and surely a crossover with the team from GI Joe. Hasbro is sure to be excited too since they’ll be making more money, meaning the only unhappy group will be all the forgotten Go-Bot fans out there. Poor bastards.