Transformers Spin-offs Might Be Set In The Past. Maybe Mark Wahlberg Can Finally Prevent Disasters

Monday night we saw the first trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, which reminded us, hey, aren’t there plans for a bunch more sequels and spinoffs? And, hey, doesn’t this fifth Transformers movie involve different historical periods, including King Arthur and Merlin and — for some reason — swastika flags at Winston Churchill’s house during WWII? So this paragraph became a collection of words we never expected to string together. What even is this franchise?

Where could they possibly go from here? Where indeed. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura tells Screen Rant they’ll likely keep the future installments and spin-offs on Earth, but the time period they’ll be set in is up for discussion:

“You could do [different time periods]. For sure, you could do that. And we’ve examined — you could easily make an argument that in Roman times, you know what I mean? That seems like a good period.”

Oh man, is there any way they can drag Mark Wahlberg into this, maybe with some kind of time travel macguffin? Just imagine it. Marky Mark traveling through time, punching Nazis and stopping 9/11. Maybe he could go back to 1980s Boston and prevent some assaults, even. He could go back to all of our conceptions and say hi to our mothers for us. So many possibilities.

(Via Screen Rant)