Stunt Pumpkins, A John Carpenter Tribute, And Other Spooky ‘Trick ‘R Treat’ Movie Facts

10.31.15 2 years ago

A throwback horror film that hinges on good old-fashioned storytelling with unique characters, Trick R’ Treat has earned its cult following and it’s a film that absolutely warrants repeat viewing every year on Halloween. But beyond the on-screen goodness exists an interesting backstory about a film that crawled up from the bottom of a pit to get to its audience and several little-known facts that might make you love it even more. Here’s that story and some of those facts.

Securing distribution was hellish.


Warner Bros.

The film was originally supposed to be released in 2007, but that never happened. There have been multiple rumors surrounding why the film was never released in theaters, but the most prevalent one was that the film would have been competing with Saw IV. Warner Bros. made a couple more attempts over the next two years to “try and release it in theaters,” but it eventually went straight to DVD.

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