Trophy Talk: Today’s Big SAG Award Nominations Winner Was… ‘Trumbo’?

and 12.09.15 2 years ago 9 Comments

Bleecker Street

People love watching famous people accept trophies. So, every so often, Uproxx film and TV editorial director Keith Phipps and senior entertainment writer Mike Ryan will speculate about these trophies and which famous person might win one. It will be fun! Let’s talk some trophies! Today, we discuss Wednesday’s surprising SAG Award nominations.

Mike: So, today, the SAG Award nominations were announced and they are … interesting. It’s funny, for years, we’ve heard the SAGs have real weight toward Oscar nominations — as opposed to something like the Golden Globes — because there’s some overlap in SAG voting and Academy voting. But, that kind of went out the window today when most people didn’t really like what SAG came up with. Most specifically: Trumbo. I saw a lot of, “Well, the voting deadline messed everything up.” Anyway, here we are. What are your initial reactions?

Keith: They’re peculiar. Most immediately, I’m struck, as others have been, by the confusion between lead and supporting performances. The Weinstein Company pushed Rooney Mara as supporting for Carol and SAG played along. But it’s really a co-lead, alongside Cate Blanchett. I’ll confess to not yet having seen The Danish Girl, but my understanding is that Alicia Vikander is very much a co-lead in that one, as well.

Mike: I find The Danish Girl decision more peculiar. Obviously, you’re right on both of these cases, but at least, strategically, if the studios get to pick, why would anyone put their two leads in Carol up against each other? I fault the award organizations for all of this, not the studios. If those are the rules, well, those are the rules. I would try my best to manipulate them, too. Some studio favorites like Creed and The Martian were shut out, but I suspect that changes tomorrow with the Golden Globe nominations. Why do we care about the Golden Globes? Everyone a) knows it’s a sham (remember when Patch Adams was nominated?) and b) everyone pretty much acknowledges it’s a sham. Yet, we all choose to pay attention. I’m ready to deem it “important.” Just because it’s so obviously a part of culture now and it’s not going away.

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