Bryan Cranston Goes To Jail In The Newest Trailer For ‘Trumbo’

In a little less than a month, Bryan Cranston will hit the big screen in a movie that already has Oscar buzz written all over it. Trumbo tells the very true tale of blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. In the midst of a pretty successful career, Mr. Trumbo was sidelined in the 1940s when Hollywood took their stance against Communists and did their part in ousting anyone they suspected as such.

Dalton Trumbo ended up being banned from the movie business for being uncooperative in the trials that took place, and this biopic explores that story while following the writer’s fight against the studio bosses and U.S. government alike to maintain his right to keep working. As you can see from the new footage, he continued to work under a pseudonym on a few outstanding films, including Roman Holiday and the Kirk Douglas classic Spartacus.

Aside from a mustachioed Cranston, John Goodman, Helen Mirren, Louis C.K., and a whole mess of other notable character actors are featured within this film which Jay Roach directed. Yes, the same Jay Roach who helmed Meet the Parents and the Austin Powers movies. Over the past decade, Roach has delved more and more into political subject matter with films like HBO’s Recount and The Campaign, and Trumbo may just be the project that sends him into Awards Season, presumably, with bells on.

(Via Entertainment One UK)