Trump Has His First White House Movie Screening As Protests Spark Across The Country

On Sunday, protests against President Donald Trump and his policy choices (including his controversial immigration order) continued with enthusiasm in United States. President Trump elected to pass on checking that out and instead chose to give a Pixar animated adventure his priority.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first White House movie screening of the Trump era started at 3 PM Eastern on Sunday with confirmation from the White House. Trump’s first movie of choice? Pixar’s 2016 box office juggernaut Finding Dory. As Twitter has been more than happy to remind everyone, it’s a fascinating film to pick considering the subject matter.

It’s not hard to imagine Kellyanne Conway insisting that Dory is a persecuted Christian on Meet The Press next week. Or Mike Pence needing his eyes covered when the assumed lesbian couple pops up onscreen and ears covered when Ellen DeGeneres talks.

In addition to having Finding Dory playing at The White House, THR reports that another movie is on the administration’s wish list. The James Franco and Bryan Cranston comedy Why Him? has been asked to be screened says the outlet’s source. Dude likes vape pen yuks, apparently. Based on how this weekend has gone, attention to demonstrations and learning the details of the Geneva Convention seem like higher priorities.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)