Turns Out Johnny Depp Could Go To Prison For Taking His Dogs To Australia

johnny depp 10 years prison australia
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Remember a week and a half ago, when Johnny Depp chartered a private jet to help his dogs Boo and Pistol escape certain death in Australia? (Yes, this actually happened.) The Mortdecai star didn’t declare either of his furry wee ones in customs, resulting in their not going through quarantine. As the country’s agricultural minister told Depp, that’s a big no-no.

Turns out Depp could face jail time for the whole charade, at least if charges are brought against him. As The Guardian reports:

On 25 May, an Australian senate committee was told that if it goes to court, Depp could receive a sentence of up t0 10 years in prison or a maximum fine of AU$340,000 (£172,000). The pilot could also face up to two years behind bars for his role in the situation.

Officials have referred to the case as “very serious”.

This is very serious indeed. No word on whether or not the court will bring additional charges for Depp’s involvement in Mortdecai.

(Via The Guardian)