Get Ready To Reenact Your Favorite Parts Of ‘Twilight’ Using More Than 900 Props Up For Auction

It’s been nearly a decade since the first Twilight movie came out, which seems insane. While the furor around the vampire romance series has very much died down since the hey-day of the series’ popularity, there are still major fans of the books and films who are probably dying to get their hands on a piece of movie history.

Now they might have their chance, as Summit Entertainment has announced a prop auction of more than 900 costumes and set pieces from the five films. Included will be major pieces such as Bella’s stunning, one of a kind wedding dress and multiple pieces of furniture from the Swan house. There are also more average costumes up for grabs like Bella’s first day of school shirt or the Cullen’s street clothes – for all those people who want to imagine they’re average vampires instead of sparkly ones who play baseball in the middle of thunderstorms.

The auction is set to take place over two days in November in Los Angeles, but don’t worry as there will also be bids accepted through online and phone pathways. Fans can check out the full auction listings before mid-November and plan out their budget and what pieces they are prioritizing. You can’t let Bella’s signature brown purse get away to another twihard! Kristen Stewart is probably scrolling through the listings right now, cradling her prized César Award, and laughing.