Two Kids Remade ‘Jurassic Park’ With Action Figures Back In 1993, And Here Is That Video

When Jurassic Park was released more than 20 years ago in June of 1993, it captured the hearts and imaginations of kids everywhere. Two such kids in particular, Michael and David, were so taken by the film that, over the course of six months in 1993 and 1994, they set out to recreate their beloved dinosaur movie in their basement and backyards with actions figures and a camcorder. (Take note, people under the age of 25: These were what we used to record video before iPhones.)

The result was the above six-and-a-half-minute cut, which the two boys — now grown men — have released in celebration of Jurassic World‘s premiere this week. You can read more about their project over at Raisch Studios, and happy early Jurassic World Day!

(Via Devour)