This ‘Uptown Funk’ Supercut Created From 280 Movie Clips Is Near Perfect

At this point in our lives, any mention of “Uptown Funk” should elicit a violent reaction of some sort. Some shaking, some throbbing, some projectile vomiting. All would be expected after the countless times we’ve probably heard this song by now. But, this version created by user dondrapersayswhat over on YouTube took three months to create, sewing together nearly 280 clips from various films over the years to recreate the Bruno Mars/ Mark Ronson collaboration.

And it’s actually pretty damn enjoyable for being based on a song that makes me want to recreate The Shining at the height of the summer. I’m particularly fond of seeing Smokey And The Bandit get a little time to shine later in the clip (and also seeing all the different types of movies that have been brought in for just one word).

You can get a listing of all the titles by clicking the close captioning (something you can also read in the description of the video), but it’s going to be a lot more fun to be surprised and see how many you can name. You can always play it on mute too.

(Via DonDraperSaysWhat)