Rebel Wilson Transformed Into Ursula For ‘The Little Mermaid Live’ (And It Was Awesome)

We’re currently in the midst of a live action Little Mermaid arms race with two studios looking to bring this concept to the big screen. (That’s insider talk for movies. Sorry to get all Hollywood talk on you with “big screen.”) If last night’s performance of The Little Mermaid Live! at the Hollywood Bowl is any indication, there’s currently an all-star Ursula for the plucking.

Rebel Wilson took on Disney’s interpretation of the impossibly badass villain in front of a packed crowd and turned in a remarkable performance. Odds are, you’re here to see Rebel’s Ursula in action and we’re happy to accommodate with some fan-shot footage. Careful! You’ll need a team of brain surgeons to unglue this song from your head.

Rebel (not to be confused with her sister Conformist Wilson) wasn’t the only familiar face/voice taking on the Little Mermaid Live challenge backed by a live orchestra. “Brave” tune vendor Sara Bareilles served as the evening’s Ariel, Glee‘s Darren Criss was the man under Prince Eric’s crown and John Stamos brought his Stamosian charisma to the part of Chef Louis.

Also in the mix? Netflix/theater godsend Tituss Burgess crushing the role of Sebastian.

BREAKING: Mega-talented performer is mega-talented! C’mon, give ‘er a gander. It’s the weekend and you’ve earned it.

(via Entertainment Weekly)