First Look At Rihanna As An Alien Stripper In ‘Valerian’

Luc Besson had our full attention with The Fifth Element (and Lucy wasn’t so bad either), so we’ve been looking forward to the first footage from his next, the $180-million budgeted Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, for awhile. Besson screened footage at San Diego Comic-Con, which we described here, but the trailer won’t be coming until a bit later this morning. In the meantime, we have a first look at Rihanna in the film and a new photo since the last batch.

Rihanna will be playing an alien exotic dancer working in an interstellar night club and brothel owned by Ethan Hawke. That is a real sentence that I have just typed. Director Besson told Entertainment Weekly the singer has about 20 minutes of screentime in the film, and he sang her praises as well. He originally revealed her role at San Diego Comic-Con, but now we have the first look at the character in GIF form, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and EuropaCorp:

That is one beautiful alien all right. Not so beautiful? These other aliens:

EuropaCorp describes these aliens as the Kortan Dahuk, who come from a planet 5,000 light years from us and are “organized by the quest for harmony and beauty, they are a well-traveled race with great experience and interaction with other species.”

Awww, they’re beautiful on the inside.

(Via Entertainment Weekly and EuropaCorp)