Veteran Musician-Cum-Actor Willie Nelson To Cameo In ‘Zoolander 2’

willie nelson zoolander 2 cameo
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The supporting cast for the long-awaited Zoolander 2 keeps getting bigger and better. Many of the latest additions include Entourage-like celebrity cameos, such as the budding Canadian film actor Justin Bieber. That’s the case for the latest announcement, which comes our way from the lips of legendary musician Willie Nelson.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 82-year-old country singer and songwriter told reporters for Access Hollywood that he’d have a small part in the Zoolander sequel, which is currently filming in Italy. But how’d he manage the gig?

“Owen and I are good buddies. We stay pretty close in touch,” the 82-year-old musician said. “He’s the one that asked me if I wanted to do it: ‘Let’s do it.'”

Nelson — who, as it turns out, has made quite a name for himself with his frequent film cameos — was asked to do a scene by his ol’ bud Owen Wilson, otherwise known as “Hansel.” Unfortunately, Willie didn’t say if he was playing himself or a scripted character.

I really hope it’s the latter, because I want Nelson to play Hansel’s father. And since “Hansel” literally translates as “little Hans,” his character’s name should be “Groshans,” meaning “big Hans.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)