Johnny Depp Returns To Intimidate Children And Murder Folks In The Second Trailer For ‘Black Mass’

The second trailer for Black Mass is out and it features ginger-faced Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger upping his game from the first trailer. This time around he’s murdering folks in a variety of ways, ruining a fine pair of shoes on some dude’s face, and intimidating six-year-old kids in front of Dakota Johnson.

I’ll be a little disappointed if this film isn’t just a montage of croaky, dinner time conversation getting ruined by outrageous murder. Just a little.

This trailer doesn’t have the tension that the first one seems to live on, but it does provide a glimpse at why Bulger was so notorious. It also gives us this face by Joel Edgerton (and 70’s Ben Wyatt, which is fantastic):

It’s not a hard movie to sell at all. American Hustle meets The Departed starring the guy from Blow, with a possible scene where Depp steals a man’s soul while eating a bowl of soup. It’s the eyes.

(Via Twitter)