Bradley Cooper And Sienna Miller Learn About The Art of ‘Nutscaping’ on ‘The Graham Norton Show’

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Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller stopped by Graham Norton’s couch this weekend and got more than they bargained for in the “weird internet trends” department. As seen in the above video, what started out as an innocent enough interview took an unpredictable turn when Graham explained the new practice of “nutscaping.” The trend, which consists of taking a picture of a landscape with your testicles ever so slightly in the frame, is one of the weirder things Graham has found to discuss on the show. Cooper and Miller were shocked at the explanation and the subsequent scroll through of a few pictures, naturally.

The conversation also covered Cooper’s semi-infamous paparazzi shot from a few years ago where he accidentally revealed too much of his butt while being tracked by cameras. It seems like the unofficial theme of this episode was “partial glimpses of male anatomy” which, knowing Graham’s sense of humor, he most likely did on purpose. Do you think there’s any chance Bradley would venture into nutscaping since he knows the public has already had a sneak preview of his lower half? We can only dream.

Check out the video below to see the rest of Graham, Bradley, and Sienna’s conversation, and then go scroll through the nutscaping blog yourself. You know you want to.

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