The Honest Trailer For ‘Toy Story’ Asks The Hard, Life Altering Questions

It’s been 20 years since Toy Story hit theaters and while we may have another two years before Toy Story 4 hits theaters, Screen Junkies have finally decided to give the Disney-Pixar classic the “Honest Trailer” treatment.  Some interesting details are pointed out in the almost six minute video above. For instance, did anyone truly realize how mean, neurotic and egotistical Woody was? Dude really needed a time out!

Screen Junkies also manages to bring up some very important questions we have all probably pondered at one point or another. Questions like: Are toys born? Can they die? When exactly do toys achieve sentience? Can they procreate?

At the very least, we can all take away from this video that Andy’s mom is just the worst.

(Via Screen Junkies)