Vin Diesel’s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Birthday Cake Is The Geekiest Thing Ever

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Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel is a huge geek. He loves Dungeons & Dragons and isn’t afraid to spread the gospel far and wide. He attributes his acting chops to long role-playing sessions growing up and went so far as to Dungeon Master a campaign for the cast of XXX, including Dame Judi Dench.

It looks like his passion for the game hasn’t abated one bit over the past 10 years: His latest birthday cake is a spot on recreation of the 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks.

No word on if he flipped the table while screaming “I SAID SECOND EDITION, YOU IDIOTS!” But I like to imagine he did. This guy takes his RPGs seriously. “It doesn’t matter if you passed your savings throw on a 12 or a 20. Saving’s saving.”

(via Vin Diesel’s Facebook page)