Vin Diesel Will Be Driving Extra Furiously In ‘Fast 8’ Thanks To This New Car Upgrade

It seems that the general secret as to how the Fast and Furious franchise seems to get better with each installment is as simple as just making sure each movie is more over-the-top insane than the one before it. We’ve already seen glimpses as to how the upcoming Fast 8 will be upping the madness to top the already pretty-crazy Furious 7, and today we got yet another. If you haven’t already been convinced that this movie will be wild by the falling cars or the Arctic landscape upon which these characters will be driving both quickly and with fury, maybe Vin Diesel’s new ride will do the trick. Because here’s the thing, y’all: it’s got a jet turbine.

Diesel wil be driving a modified Dodge Charger, his character’s car of choice, that has been modded out to handle driving conditions in an arctic tundra. It includes what appears to be armored plating and, like we said, A JET TURBINE. You don’t really have to be a ‘car person’ to understand that a car with a jet turbine can go – to put it in scientific terminology – really, really, really fast. Considering that the vehicles featured in Furious 7 had horsepowers of up to 500, it boggles the mind to fathom just how fast and/or furiously Diesel will be driving (across AN ARCTIC TUNDRA) in the upcoming installment.

(via AutoBlog)