Vin Diesel Gave An Emotional Speech About Paul Walker At A ‘Furious 7’ Screening

When Furious 7 made its public debut at South by Southwest earlier this week, the only member of the cast to show up was Tyrese Gibson, DESPITE JASON STATHAM BEING IN TOWN TO PROMOTE SPY (sorry, I’m still bitter about this). Vin Diesel couldn’t make it because his girlfriend just gave birth, but he showed up a screening last night in Los Angeles, where he gave an emotional speech about his “brother” Paul Walker.

In his review of the film, our own Mike Ryan mentioned that as he “looked around the theater, there were tears everywhere.” The same thing happened at the Austin screening. Not 20 minutes after loudly ogling a woman’s ass during one of Furious 7‘s many close-ups of butts, two guys behind me were weeping and silently muttering “too soon” over Walker. It’s that kind of movie.