Vin Diesel Shared His Three Rules Of Karaoke And Sang A Song About ‘The Last Witch Hunter’

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Vin Diesel is a known fan of karaoke. The Fast & Furious star occasionally unleashes surreal covers on the internet like a musclebound Tim & Eric.

While promoting his latest movie, The Last Witch Hunter, Diesel shared his three rules for a good karaoke song, and not one of them had anything to do with family.

Rule 1: Make it relevant.

Rule 2: Do it like a ventriloquist.

Rule 3: Make sure it has something to do with the movie he’s currently promoting.

Not sure what “Stay” had to do with the Furious movies, but there you have it.

At this point, Diesel launched into a song about how the trailers for his own movie were less than impressive, but you should go see the movie anyway because it’s going to be awesome. Apparently, Diesel liked the movie enough that it helped him work through his grief over the death of Paul Walker, that has to count for something. Check out the whole thing up top.

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