Vin Diesel Sang Tove Lo’s ‘Habits’ In Tribute To Paul Walker

When dealing with Vin Diesel, there are a handful of things you can always count on: He’ll always be there for his family, he’ll be ready to offer a cerveza (possibly a Corona), and he’ll be ready to sing at the drop of a hat. We’ve already seen this from Vin when he crooned Rihanna’s “Stay” for Valentine’s Day, as well as the more somber occasion of singing “See You Again” to his dearly departed friend and Furious 7 co-star Paul Walker.

This week, he took to the mic again to sing another tribute to Paul, in this instance with Tove Lo‘s pop hit “Habits.” Captioning the video on Facebook, “The ever continuing process of healing… All love,” Vin’s incredibly deep baritone version of the Swedish synthpop strums just the right bittersweet note. If you don’t want to induce your daily shame cry, you should hold off watching until you are in complete privacy.

(Via Facebook)