Vince Gilligan Is Reportedly Making A ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie That May Start Shooting Soon


There were many positive stories on Election Night 2018, from the Democrats being poised to take the House of Representatives to milestones in winners who were LGBTQ, Muslim, and Native American. Slipped into the night’s events, for those in need of unambiguously good news, was this: Variety has confirmed Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is working on a Breaking Bad movie so secret that we’re only now learning it’s about to start shooting.

What’s it about? That hasn’t been revealed. Will it involve the original cast? Ditto. Will it be a prequel that’s not Better Call Saul? Who can tell? It’s not even clear what kind of movie it will be: the kind that hits multiplexes nationwide or one that winds up on TV as a one-off special or mini-series.

Truly, all we have is this: According to The Albuquerque Journal — the city has played home to both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul — the about-to-start production has a title: Greenbriar, whatever that means. There’s even a simple plot description, which says that it “tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” Maybe it’s a spin-off that follows someone kidnapped by, I dunno, how about Todd Alquist, the child-killer played by Jesse Plemons?

Whatever the case is, the movie is real, and it’s set to begin shooting in mid-November, i.e., in about a week. So much for that on-the-QT and very hush-hush production.