Vince Vaughn Is Not Done Acting Serious Just Yet

When Vince Vaughn exploded onto the scene with his star-making performance in Swingers 20 years ago (man, am I old), he pivoted from there to some more serious parts. That didn’t really work. Remember Return to Paradise? Domestic Disturbance? A Cool, Dry Place? Me neither.

It wasn’t until Vaughn got himself in with the Ben Stillers and Will Ferrells of the world and made Old School and Wedding Crashers that his initial promise as a screamingly funny comic actor really pushed him into the stratosphere. But a couple of comedy misfires the past few years, from The Watch, to his reunion with Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson in The Internship to the painfully unfunny Delivery Man, sent him back looking for his place as a serious actor. The results have been uneven, to be kind, but that’s not stopping, ol’ Vince.

On the heels of True Detective Season 2 and something called Term Life, Vaughn will now team up with Bone Tomahawk director S. Craig Zahler for a flick called Brawl in Cell 99 in which he’ll play an imprisoned former boxer who gets into a lot of fights in jail. So he’s going serious and he’s going the action hero route too it would seem. With the Mel Gibson-directed World War II drama Hacksaw Ridge also on Vaughn’s list of upcoming projects, it’s safe to say that he’s got a clear idea of where he wants his career to head.

Who knows if it will work? What we do know is that the movies are more fun when Vince Vaughn is doing his thing.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)