‘Suicide Squad’ Star Viola Davis Hints At Amanda Waller’s Future

One of DC’s key non-hero figures is Amanda “The Wall” Waller, an intelligence operative and bureaucrat for whom the only question is what needs to happen to get the job done, and who takes no crap from anybody. And we mean anybody. And it seems she’ll be around even when the Squad has a day off.

Davis, talking to the New York Times, has revealed she’s signed for three movies as Waller. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything: Angela Bassett, the former Amanda Waller, likely had a multi-movie contract, too, and we all know how that ended. Still, it does hint at how important she might be, or at least that Warner Bros. thinks we’re going to want a lot of Suicide Squad movies.

She also might turn up in the Batman movies we keep seeing rumors about. Waller’s involvement in the espionage end of things often puts her in conflict with Bats, who has never been a fan of either making people behave with explosives or leniency on dangerous supervillains, and Bats doesn’t always win those run-ins, either. No matter what, though, we’re likely going to see a lot more of Amanda Waller on the big screen.

(via Comic Book Movie)