Walton Goggins Is So Into ‘Tomb Raider’ It’s Adorable

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When it comes to big-budget movies and respected actors like Walton Goggins, generally they’re pretty reserved and diplomatic. Not Goggins. Goggins wants you to know that he’s there for Tomb Raider. To the point where you kind of wish the movie was out already.

Really, we’ll just let Goggins speak for himself here:

This director (Roar Uthag) is an extraordinarily talented filmmaker, and Alicia Vikander I’ve met a few times, we have some friends in common, but I just think she’s one of the greatest contributions to any generation of actors, man. That for me was just a wonderful opportunity. But more importantly, the story is so good. It’s so good!… I think I can say this: For me, it’s like Raiders of the Lost Ark meets a genre version of the Joseph Conrad novel Victory: An Island Tale. I just jumped at the chance.

That latter is an interesting literary shout-out not least because it’s a psychologically complex novel told from differing perspectives, and also, according to some academics, ticked off Vladimir Nabokov so much he wrote Lolita as an explicit rejection of it.

Also Crowder notes his character isn’t the Snidely Whiplash type that can turn up, saying he’s got real reasons for being what we assume will be kind of a d-bag. And also that he can’t wait to be lost in a “godd–m tomb.” Which, well, now neither can we. Can Goggins do the DVD commentary and host the featurettes as well?

(Via Yahoo!)