Warner Bros. Is Allegedly Working On Six Competing ‘Wonder Woman’ Scripts

We’ve heard some rather strange rumors about Wonder Woman, not the least of which is that it’ll actually take place in the ’20s. And we might finally have a source for those rumors… namely, another rumor which claims there are six writers each turning out a different script for Wondy.

Obviously, some grains of salt are needed here, but Comic Book Movie found a few… curious tweets from screenwriter Arash Amel, who isn’t working on the project.

If this is true — and considering how Hollywood views writers it likely is — it explains a lot. Conflicting rumors about Wonder Woman’s film debut are flying everywhere and many of them are… less than credible as something a movie studio would actually do. If it’s just some screenwriter throwing them a spec script for five figures of cash, well, that becomes a lot more credible all of a sudden.

It does raise the question, though, of what the movie will actually be. Michelle MacLaren, the director, is confirmed to be heavily involved in the creative process of the movie, so we doubt we’re going to see anything along the lines of “vegetative injustice” or Wonder Suffragette in the actual, finished film. Well, hopefully, anyway.