Warner Wants A Woman To Direct The Wonder Woman Movie

10.24.14 5 years ago 17 Comments

So, as part of their ridiculously ambitious plan to suddenly start making two major superhero movies a year, Warner Bros. finally broke down and decided, what the hell, let’s do that Wonder Woman movie everyone wants. Great news! Except, given Wonder Woman’s heavy involvement in Justice League, many had the gnawing fear that Zack Snyder might be heavily involved in the movie, and you really don’t want Zack Snyder anywhere near your lady-starring action movie [side-glances at Sucker Punch].

Well, more good news – according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Is looking for a woman to direct Wonder Woman’s first movie. Of course, the decision is partially WB covering their W-Butts…

“Oh, nobody watched the Wonder Woman movie? Way to screw it up, ladies.”

…but still, it’s the right choice, and a nice, high-profile opportunity for a female director.

That said, there’s some question as to who could step into the role, as there aren’t really a lot of women directing blockbuster summer action movies. Of course, the top name being thrown around is Kathryn Bigelow, but it seems like she’s into slightly more cerebral fare these days. Angelina Jolie is another strong contender – if she was a few years younger, she’d probably be playing Wonder Woman, and she’s got solid directing chops. My personal pick would be Mary Harron, the director of American Psycho and lots of episodes of your favorite cable dramas. Ultimately though, I’m going to guess a former Disney/Pixar animation director gets poached for the job. Jennifer Lee, the co-director of Frozen, perhaps?

Who would you have direct Wonder Woman? You don’t have to stick to lady directors – feel free to name anyone you think would really nail a female-led superhero movie.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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