Watch Daisy Ridley All But Confirm Some ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Rumors

It’s fairly impressive how much J.J. Abrams and the Lucasfilm team have kept under wraps with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But rumors will leak, and a big one is that the kids of the original cast are running around the movie, making life interesting for everyone. And Daisy Ridley pretty much all but confirmed them during a press junket.

Specifically, on the clip found by ONTD, you’ve got two rather telling parts. First, there’s Kathleen Kennedy discussing Ridley’s audition:

“I was particularly taken by the fact that she kept talking about her family. Her mom, her sisters… we began to realize that many of the things about Daisy are things that are inside the character…”

Then there’s Ridley herself:

“…I’ve said that I’m solitary, that’s probably a big clue as to what it is…”

Let’s see here… lightsaber, landspeeder, lives on a desert planet far from the action, not much in the way of family… sounds familiar. Of course, going by the obvious pun in the word she used, and the fact that she’s a scavenger with black market connections, she could wind up having Han as dear old dad. But I’d like to think Luke managed to score at least once in his entire life.