Watch The ‘Bloodsucking Bastards’ Trailer Turn Telemarketers Into Vampires

We’ve all had that one boss, that guy who seems out to drain your life force, the guy who doesn’t seem to think of you as anything other than a resource to be used up and thrown out. Normally, he’s just some jerk who, five years later, turns up on the police blotter after a hilarious attack of karma. In Bloodsucking Bastards, though… he’s a bit more vampiric.

Created by underground comedy troupe Dr. God, the plot will sound familiar; a nebbishy office worker (played by Joss Whedon favorite Fran Kranz), the coworker he has a thing for, his jerkass best friend, and a heavily-armed security guard have to team up to clean out the office of the soulless vampires who run it once Kranz’ job is taken by Oberlyn Martell (Pedro Pascal), who promptly turns everyone except our heroes into a bloodsucker.

The movie will be premiering next week at Slamdance, and we assume will be heading to theaters fairly quickly. Really, all they need to do is explain the vampires don’t sparkle and aren’t romantic, and it’s probably good for $100 million.

(Via The Tracking Board)