Watch The New Trailer For ‘Clown,’ The Eli Roth-Produced Horror Film About, Um, A Clown

It was around five years ago that a trailer for a horror film called Clown surfaced on the Internet. The clip claimed Eli Roth as the producer of the movie, which was about a father who starts transforming into a demonic clown after opting to dress up in white face paint, red nose, and rainbow wig for his son’s birthday party. The video turned out to be a fake but half a decade later, it’s become a cinematic reality. Not only does Eli Roth have a producing credit, he makes a cameo as “Frowny The Clown”.

Clown has already seen a theatrical release in both the U.K. and Italy. The film has no U.S. theatrical release date as of yet. Full disclosure: I may have a wee fear of clowns so once the movie does arrive, I may be forced to cleanse the world by SETTING FIRE TO EVERYTHING!

I’ll be in the crawlspace if you need me.

(Via: IndieWire)