Watch The Whiplash-Inducing Trailer For The New ‘Transporter’ Reboot

Fans of action movies and senseless violence presented in a very stylized fashion are sure to be delighted by the news that The Transporter, a series originally led by senseless violence expert Jason Statham, is getting a complete reboot, allowing you to relive the glory of the entire franchise in a new and exciting way that utilizes today’s top technology to blow things up and deliver “flip kicks” at the screen.

The Playlist reports that the reboot, titled The Transporter Refueled, won’t stray too far from what’s made the series a fan favorite but will feature  an exponential number of femme fatales.

Anyway, Ed Skrein is now behind the wheel, tasked as they guy who can deliver dangerous or illegal packages with ease on four wheels. But things get hairy when he’s hired by a trio of femme fatales to assist in a massive bank heist, which soon sees him tangling with Russian mobsters. And there’s a father/son story in here too, because I guess we need character development or something.

Sounds good, but let’s hope they focus more on the “tangling with Russians” bit than the father/son storyline. There’s a greater opportunity for ass-kicking there.

(via The Playlist)