Someone Created The Perfect Conspiracy Theory About How ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is Really About 9/11

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? I use the term “good” loosely. Even if your belief system leads you down the path of most resistance, you’re going to want to pay attention to Pitch Perfect 237.  

In the same vein of Room 237, this ridiculous piece of ocular candy really encapsulates how the simple plot details of Pitch Perfect — when presented in the right light — can add up to batsh*t level proportions. It’s the work of YouTube comedy group Cook St. Productions and is the perfect send up of the craziness in the Kubrick documentary.

Crazy or not, there are a few moments in the video that screamed out at me providing a few moments of much needed clarity. To be honest, I’ll believe anything Anna Kendrick has to say. Hell, I’ve been onto Harry Connick Jr. since he released the classic album Red Light, Blue Light. Someone call Homeland Security!

(Via Cook St. Productions)