Garth’s Flame-Kissed Mirthmobile From ‘Wayne’s World’ Is Going Up For Auction

There are all sorts of lovely things you can do to showcase your Wayne’s World fandom. For example, one of our friendly UPROXX staffers has a Stan Mikita’s Donuts tattoo. Of course, you don’t need to get any ink or learn Cantonese (couldn’t hurt!) to display your devotion. Why not just lay claim to Garth Algar’s sweet sweet ride?

Jalopnik reports that the legendary “Mirthmobile” is headed for auction. The flame-kissed 1976 AMC Pacer from Aurora’s most beloved ambassadors has been restored to its former glory while maintaining essential touches including the licorice dispenser. We have to say, it’s a handsome looking vehicle.

Auction giant Barrett-Jackson will be putting the “Mirthmobile” up for bidding this weekend in Las Vegas and we imagine it will rake in a bit more cash than Mike Myers’ motorized pillow from The Love Guru. (Just a hunch.) Speaking as someone that has absolutely no understanding of how cars work, this is where Barrett-Jackson can do the heavy lifting on the technical stuff:

This is the original 1976 AMC Pacer used in the iconic film “Wayne’s World.” Modifications made for the film included baby blue paint over the original yellow exterior and brown interior, tow hooks welded to the front subframe, 1/4″ steel plates welded to the rocker panels for camera supports, heater and air conditioning were removed, rear wheelhouses were modified to fit speaker boxes, a hole was drilled in the roof for the famous licorice dispenser, flame decals were added, and components were removed from the inner dash to accommodate the cup dispenser and a door mechanism above the sealed-off glove box. The studio also went with a purposely mismatched wheel combination of chrome spoked wheels in the rear and factory hubcaps in the front. Every effort was made in the car’s extensive restoration to bring it back to its movie condition.

There’s one anachronism in the Pacer’s facelift and it’s a perfectly reasonable one. The speakers have undergone an upgrade so you can enjoy recreating the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene at a volume best suited to you. Most importantly, the Mirthmobile makes for an excellent place to have deep philosophical discussions. Can you put a price on that? Er, I guess so depending on how this auction pans out.

(Via Jalopnik)