When Will We See The Trailers For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ And ‘Ant-Man’?

The next two years will unleash an unforgiving movie schedule on us, where we’ll see the likes of the next Avengers, Ant-Man, Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman, Jurassic World and more clamoring for our attention, and we now know when we’ll finally get to see the first frames from two of the aforementioned films.

The Alberta Film Ratings board classified the Ant-Man trailer PG on December 23rd, and history has shown that trailers premiere about one to two weeks after they’ve been rated. That would mean that sometimes towards the tail-end of the first week of January, we should be receiving the first trailer for the film. The most likely candidate for its premiere is the debut of Marvel’s Agent Carter show on January 6th.

As for the caped and cowled elephant in the room, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Telegraph is reporting that there are very strong rumors that Warner Bros. will show the first trailer ahead of Mad Max: Fury Road, when it premieres this upcoming May. Both films are under the Warner banner, so it’s a possibility, but with the teaser trailer in the can since October, we might get our first look sometime before that.

In either case, I wouldn’t be surprised if an announced BvS trailer for Fury Road pushed the film’s ticket sales past expectations.

via Screenrant