Weekend Box Office: A Crowded Weekend Brought Wildly Unpredictable Results

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06.18.17 14 Comments


There was one thing that box-office prognosticators could count on this Father’s Day Weekend, and it’s that Pixar’s Cars 3 would knock Wonder Woman of its perch atop the box office. They were right, but it was much closer than many may have thought, and it’s also about the only thing box-office analysts got right about the five new releases this weekend.

Yes, Cars 3 did take pole position, leading the way with $53.5 million. It’s an OK figure, down from the $66 million opening weekend of Cars 2 and the $60 million opening of Cars. It’s also the fourth worst opening weekend ever for a Pixar movie, placing only above Ratatouille, The Good Dinosaur and the very first Pixar film, Toy Story. The domestic box-office hardly matters with the Cars franchise, however, because not only does the Cars franchise do better internationally (the second film scored 65 percent of its grosses overseas), but it makes most of its money in merchandising, having racked up about $10 billion in toys and t-shirt sales. It’s not a bad movie, either. It’s better than Cars 2 and on par with the first Cars flick, although all three Cars films are generally inferior to most of Pixar’s output.

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