Weekend Box Office: When Good Movies Go Bad At The Box Office

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08.20.17 7 Comments

Thanks in part to Rotten Tomatoes (and much to the chagrin of movie studios), bad movies are failing at the box office at a much higher rate than in previous years. Domestically, anyway, franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and The Dark Universe, and critically panned films like Baywatch and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword have hit major snags at the box office.

Unfortunately, the reverse is not always true. Yes, Get Out and Girls Trip benefits from a strong critical response, but some really great commercial films still sometimes slip through the cracks. Steven Soderbergh’s latest, Logan Lucky is the perfect example. Here’s a movie perfect for even multiplex audiences: It’s a caper starring recognizable actors (Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Craig); it’s funny; it’s fast-paced; it’s set in large part on a NASCAR track; and it comes from a well-known director who has had success with these kinds of films in the past, in Steven Soderbergh. This seems like the sort of film that should at least be a modest hit: It’s smart, mainstream multiplex fodder with great reviews (93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

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